Lean Startup Summit brings the big ideas from Eric Ries’s books off the page to show how organizations are making them real around the world.

Alongside keynotes and case studies, we offer workshops and mentoring sessions at Lean Startup Summit where you can have more immersive experiences, breaking off a chunk of the practice and working through it with our seasoned experts. The learnings you come away with happen on all levels, from the inspirational to the personal.

We can keep costs low and quality high thanks to the support of these great companies & communities! If you want to contribute as a partner, contact [email protected]  or call +31624688439

Eric Ries

Author of The Startup Way & The Lean Startup

The first speakers have been announced. Expect over 30 speakers and 20 mentors available in the final program. Do you know or are you an inspired speaker on a lean startup topic? Let us know! 

DAY 1 Workshop & Tour Day  (Tuesday March 20)
In-depth workshops for corporate innovators, with practical sessions on building the modern company around entrepreneurship and continuous innovation.  Applying Lean Startup methodology in practice. A guided tour of Amsterdam finest startups, accelerators and corporate innovation hubs.

DAY 2 Conference & Day (Wednesday March 21)
Inspirational keynotes by international leading experts, seasoned practitioners and founders of fast scaling startups. Roundtable debates and networking. 

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Building the future company today
Lean Startup Summit Europe

March 20 & 21, 2018

Tendayi Viki

Author of 
The Corporate Startup

Robbert van Geldrop

Cofounder Firmhouse 

Growth Hacker
Founder of Growth Tribe

David Arnoux

Daan Weddepohl

Founder and CEO 
of Peerby

Heather Mc Gough

Founder Lean Startup Company Education

Author of The Business Model Canvas

Alexander Osterwalder

Director Scale Up Nation

Janet Bumpas



Inspired by the  best-sellers  
The Lean Startup
The Startup Way


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